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There are MP3 songs available for every CD by The Perry Wing Band.

Please right-click and 'save target as' on the respective song link to download the MP3(s) of your choice. Or, if you have the Quicktime player installed in your web browser, you can play the files online. You can download the free Quicktime player here.

Perry Wing Band Music & Discography Page

Weather The Storm

Far From Home

Austin Bound

Walkin' on BAck Streets

The blue links indicate music that can be played via MP3.

Weather The Storm, CD 2006: Songlist: Weather The Storm; Doesn't Mean A Thing; You And Me; Walkin' On Backstreets; Bootlegger; Old No. 89; Sad Alibis; Leave At Last; I'll Be True





Far From Home , CD 2005: Songlist: Far From Home; Greeneyed Lady; Time Flies; Van Nuy's Boulevard; Sail Away; Greyhound Love; Broken Memories






Austin Bound, CD 2003: Songlist: If I Could Only Talk; Walkin' On Backstreets; New Mexico; Austin Bound; Old No. 89; Dancing Eyes; In My Mind; Follow Your Dream.





Walkin' on Back Streets, CD 1999:
Songlist: Walkin' on Back Streets; Follow Your Dream; Brand New Start, Old No. 89, With This Ring; 21 Days; Sad Alibis, Austin Bound; Didn't Mean To Go; Bootlegger; Somewhere; Starry Nights Lullaby, Didn't Mean To Go.

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